Our founders will be guests in Tonucci And Partners  one of  LIFE SCIENCES FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE  webinars.

Tonucci & Partners is organizing 4 Webinars in collaboration with Departments of Biology and Economic & Business Sciences of the University of Padua (Università degli Studi di Padova). The 4 events are entitled LIFE SCIENCES FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.
The events are free of charge, lasting roughly 45 minutes each, and will be analyzing different stages of Start-up companies and/or R&D researches that are becoming a spin-off. All cases are related to LIFE SCIENCES, as fundamental principle for a sustainable economic development.
In addition to the testimony of the founders, Tonucci & Partners professionals, accountants and crowdfunding experts will explain aspects regarding the transformation of ideas and know-how into companies.

Professors Paolo Gubitta and Luigi Bubacco of the UNIPD and Carlo Scarpa of Tonucci & Partners are members of this Scientific Committee.