• 03/02/2020

Padua, February 3, 2020 – BiosHydrogel is the winner of the Venetian stage of BioInItaly Investment
Forum & Intesa Sanpaolo StartUp Initiative the event organized by Assobiotec, Intesa Sanpaolo
Innovation Center and the Cluster Spring, which for 13 years has enabled innovative companies
biotechnology and business projects, looking for new funds, to meet coming investors
BiosHydrogel, by Giacomo Guerrini and Carlo Scarpa, develops an innovative hydrogel, completely
degradable by the soil microflora. Once decomposed, it releases humus, clay and into the soil
natural polymers making the soil more fertile. It is a product particularly suitable for sowing and
Now the startup enters the second phase of the competition which involves participation in the path
of Intesa Sanpaolo StartUp Initiative coaching and selection, organized by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation
Center. At the end of this path, the best proposals will access, in April,
at the Investment Forum in Milan where they will have the opportunity to present their project and business
plan to Business Angel, Venture Capital and Corporate VC and other ecosystem stakeholders
of innovation.
“Biotechnologies are an extraordinary tool for giving concrete answers to ever more needs
urgent for health, care of the environment, agriculture, nutrition, having already demonstrated that
being able to offer a concrete contribution to live better and in a more sustainable way – declares Riccardo
Palmisano, President of Assobiotec, the National Association for the development of biotechnologies which
is part of Federchimica – but they are also a potential driver for the economy and employment
qualified in an industrialized country such as Italy. The ideas and projects that arise from many
National biotech startups are often very interesting, but unfortunately most of the time they remain
academic studies and research, unable to turn into patents, products or processes. The
causes are different: certainly a cultural factor, but also a lack of capacity both in the area of
technology transfer and the immediate consequent one to attract investments in
our country. As Assobiotec we have been working for 13 years to ensure that more and more innovative ideas
can find a concrete development and we are proud of the results achieved in recent years thanks to

BioInItaly which from 2008 to date has made it possible to raise over 54 million euros invested in 24
different innovative startups in Italy, giving our young people a qualified job opportunity
researchers and entrepreneurs ”