This is the project of the startup presented today, BIOS HYDROGEL, winner of the Venetian stage of the BioInItaly Investment Forum & Intesa Sanpaolo StartUpInititive.

Bios Hydrogel was born in 2019 in Padua and is currently a candidate to become a university spin-off within the Department of Chemistry and Sciences of Padua.


“Many areas of the Italian agricultural landscape are characterized by land that can no longer be cultivated, with degraded and not very fertile soil. Hence the idea of ​​proposing useful tools for sustainable agriculture”, explains founder Giacomo Guerrini.

The startup has created a gel capable of incorporating water and nutrients, ensuring their gradual release into the soil and acting as a water and fertilizer retainer.


The hydrogel allows numerous applications, including the possibility of coating the seed before sowing. Sowing can also take place in aerial mode using drones, without the need to work the soil.

The biodegradable hydrogel designed by BH, whose patent has been filed, can absorb many times its own weight in water. It can be called “Ferti-Hydrogel” because it can release microorganisms, fertilizers and other substances of interest. Its structure is easily degraded by microorganisms into substances, subsequently it is absorbed by the soil.—terreni-pi%C3%B9-fertili-grazie-a-bios-hydrogel