• 04/04/2021

We have filed for our company’s second patent.

What is it about? It is an innovative way to join the fibers together and eventually add a hydrogel. This new technique allows to create micro structures that can incorporate seeds to make fabulous substrates for vertical farming, but also to help in  the first phase of cultivation. Above all, they are natural structures without any  petroleum-based polymers.

Therefore we speak about biodegradable recyclable structures which are born for the needs of modern agriculture. In short, our company continues to develop innovative products that can also be modulated for the needs of companies that have to produce and develop particular agricultural segments. So we have the right product even for those who do vertical farming, just what they need for their production needs. With the new invention, a new extrusion is developed and modulated to meet specific needs; obviously, some more research is needed, but the results can be astonishing for millions of plants. Especially in terms of excellent germination, nourishment and rooting.