Scientist and researcher Mr. Prisa, confirmed that using our BiosHydrogel, can improve the germination and growth of Zea mays and Solanum lycopersicum seedlings. Such conclusion was presented as results of a research project done at CREA-OF in Pescia (PT)

Mr. Prisa, in the article hereinbelow linked to, describes that “experiments began in April 2022 and were conducted in the greenhouses of CREA-OF on seeded plants of Zea mays and Solanum lycopersicum. Seeds were placed in pots with different hydrogel capsules to determine if there were any effects on plant germination and growth. Agronomic analysis of the seeds and plants, microbiological analysis, and substrate evaluation were also conducted.”

It is for us a joy to quote that Mr. Prisa moreover said: “The experiment showed that the use of hydrogel can improve the quality and hardiness of the sown plants of Zea mays and Solanum lycopersicum.”

Mr. Prisa also reached the following conclusions: ” Research shows that hydrogels can be used in a variety of ways due to their ability to retain water. These innovations can also ensure and promote plant survival under dry conditions. Further experiments are currently underway to evaluate hydrogels in tree species germination, transplanting, and acclimation.”